What are Soho Kids?

Soho Kids is a project focused on bridging fashion design, from haute couture to street style, into the NFT and Cardano spaces in the form of a fun and colorful PFP collection.

Our vision is to continue building these connections and be the first-mover to work with this industry, from the smaller designers with their own personal collections to the huge fashion houses that we all know.

- oxy & Diogo

Our team

Oxy has a huge interest for fashion, worked for 3 years in e-commerce and sales where he built a few fashion-related brands.


SMM @ jpg.store
Works mainly in the music and fashion industry, having worked for some well known street wear brands and musicians in Portugal.


Designer and 3D artist


For now, please enjoy this selection of demo Soho Kids. These will not be part of the final mint. Also, they are not representative of rarity distribution.



Part I

IRL Community building
Pop-up parties

Fashion item giveaways

Events and Music and Game Nights
for the community



Full body experimentation
for metaverse compatibility

Collaboration with designers

Collaboration with
fashion brands


Part IV

Our own fashion brand

3D figurine and model

Collaboration with urban culture stores

Frequently Asked Questions

Our first drop was on the 23rd January at 8PM UTC! We were sold out in 10 minutes.

5000 unique NFTs in the initial collection.

We're working on seasonal drops. These will be separated from the initial collection.

You can purchase them on secondary markets.

Yes! Please see our Collector agreement for more info.